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Our History
We, Jo (Joel) and Di (Diane), established in 2019, possess over 50 years combined experience with wood working as a carpenter/contractor and home renovator. Joel has the daily pleasure of living surrounded by trees. As in nature, trees die, are torn out of the ground by fierce storms, or grow in places that make them dangerous to their surroundings. These trees can live on in beautiful hand created pieces.

Diane came into the business as a renovator of old, usually dilapidated homes. She doesn't like to waste any of the old growth wood hidden in these homes. Out of this often-discarded lumber we have created built in benches, oven vent surrounds, floating shelves and more! Our mission is to combine our talents and spread the beauty of woodworking while also helping to preserve natural Oklahoma as well as the environment. We contribute a portion of our proceeds to not-for-profits focusing on forest preservation.

We feel every home should have beautiful wood pieces, so we make items as small as coasters to as large as dining tables! Our heirloom edge grain cutting boards can be passed down from generation to generation! We use a lot of live edge lumber in our products, which is more labor intensive but produces one-of-a-kind pieces. Our stump tables illustrated how each tree is so unique.

We are a very small company, and prefer that, so we can be hands on with every product and we enjoy working with customers to create unique pieces!
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