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"We have recently been participating in more craft shows and frequently are asked, “Where do you get your wood from?” and they follow up with, “Do you make all this yourselves?” The shorts answers are: mainly from Joel’s property and yes, we do! Eastern red cedar is not environmentally suited to Oklahoma, especially with frequent drought seasons. Cedar is fast burning and contributes to a lot of damage when in the path of a fire. They also require a substantial amount of water. Therefore, people that live in the country frequently clear their property of cedars to lessen this risk. Most of the felled trees are burned or dumped. We decided to use them in another way. Almost all wood we use for our company is from naturally felled trees, environmentally dangerous or reclaimed. This can include many different species. During a major storm, a huge cottonwood uprooted and fell across the driveway. We have milled most of the trunk and cut cookies for tables. Joel and I cut down, have milled, dry, haul, design, cut, create, sand and finish every piece we sell. We occasionally get a helping hand from friends and family but, for the most part, we are a two-person company. We believe in leaving the earth in better shape than when we arrived. We donate a portion of our proceeds to environmental not-for-profit organizations."
"Joel found this stump on his property and knew I would love it! Occasionally we hunt for a stump or tree for a specific project but this time, the stump found us – it was meant to be! Most people would throw a big piece like this straight into a burn pile but I knew the branch knots would be dynamic when sanded and exposed. This stump was harvested in December 2019 and sat inside drying until June 2020 when I started stripping the bark. This a tedious process but so rewarding when you begin to uncover the layers that tell the story of the tree! A true labor of love! I would periodically work on this piece between other projects that we had going. Trying to decide what this stump would become was almost as difficult as the process of stripping bark itself. Fast forward a year to July 2021 and we decided to keep all the height and make a pub/bar table-this stump was too beautiful to cut up. Joel created a spectacular laminated 42-inch round cedar top from other cedar trees on his property. The final product is beyond beautiful, with its deep grooves and numerous red/burgundy knobs. This gorgeous table would look amazing in any home! Man cave…. breakfast nook…. media room…. screened in porch…the options truly are endless!"
  - Diane
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